Cost of Services

According to Pew Research Center, 7 in 10 Americans use social media. At a time when most of your customers are on social media, it just makes sense that your business should be too.

I know that developing an online presence you’re proud of is costly, time consuming, and intimidating. I’m here to support you to make this process easier, the cost more affordable, and the finished product something you’re proud of.

If you’ve been shopping around for web development or help with social media you’ve probably already figured out how hard it is to get an estimate. You may have also discovered how much it can cost upfront.

Your business is unique, so the services I provide to each of my clients is unique. However, because I know the difficulty of finding virtual assistance, it is important to me to provide transparency and ease when talking about cost. These numbers can be a frame of reference to use while you’re exploring your path to a great online presence, but it’s best if we talk specifically about your business needs.

Hourly Rates

When we start working together, we’ll find a plan that works for you. This can mean we use one of, or a combination of, my hourly rates:

Administrative: $20/hrThis can mean anything from setting up your social media accounts, to help with your existing website. Typically, most of the services that require administrative services are done in packages (see below).

Consultation: $30/hrThis includes instruction and guidance on how to use your social media in the most effective and productive ways. We may also use this rate as a way to get started when figuring out the best long term plan for your business.

Web Development: $35/hrThis rate is for designing websites from scratch, or doing intensive back-end projects on your existing website. Rarely will we set up a plan to design a website by an hourly rate. Due to the unpredictable nature of designing websites, it’s the safest option for you if we design a package plan.

Plans and Packages

Hourly rates can be used when we’re getting started, or doing as-needed work. In most cases, we’ll set up a plan or package:

Website Design Package: Websites vary greatly by platform and functionality. Simple websites start around $1500 and more complex sites can run up to $5000.

Social Media Content Package: If you’re just looking for content, I can design “posts” and send them to you or “schedule” them for you. The use of this package usually means I’m not doing any other additional work other than design.

4 posts – $40

6 posts – $60

8 posts – $72

10 posts – $90

12 posts – $96

What will all these numbers really look like?

A typical agreement for getting someone started with social media will look something like this:

  • Initial consultation – Administrative hourly rate
  • Social media set up / design – Agreed upon package rate
  • As-needed administrative maintenance – Administrate hourly rate

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